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Two examples to wonder

The first is a interesting design of a soy “milk” package. The pack resembles a cow tit. It made me smile, not only by the ideia itself but because of the paradox (fake milk/fake tit). via Core77 The second is … Continuar a ler

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A interesting new company

It’s called RecordedFuture and it allow us to search the future. Like a Google search but into the future. Who says everything is invented? via TechReview

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Good interaction

I’ve write a while ago about some bad exemples ou web interaction mainly when servers return errors or problems. Today i’ve a example of a good interaction. With a little humor you can put a smile on the face of … Continuar a ler

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Tools for innovation and design

I’m a fan of these topics and i’m always looking for new views and tools to foster my knowledge. In my opinion our organizations and systems, public and private, need a (huge) transformation. If there is just will to do … Continuar a ler

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Useless time

Imagine what can be done if we change our time usage? Via Information is beautiful

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When ideias have sex

One interesting presentation about the evolution of our society around the concept of ideias reproduction. Some actual topics creativiry, lateral thinking or innovation draw upon this…Putting ideias doing sex and hopefully having offsprings. Enjoy!

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The future is here, again

A few weeks ago i’ve written about the future being in the present, because of the announcement of Google TV. An ideia that seems out of our imagination but is taking place. Today i’ve received a email with an image … Continuar a ler

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