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An interesting article about possible futures of Europe and Portugal. The Eurabia issue is refered again from a new perpective. Anúncios

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Number one

Another interesting infographic from the site Information is Beautiful. The basic ideia is that one country is best at something. Portugal is obviously good at cork (but they can pick other specialities). One note, Australia and Spain have a strange … Continuar a ler

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Emergence of Eurabia

Although i’m not advocating nationalisms it’s important to be with atention to the changing environment. For those that have visited some european country with open eyes have seen signs of this phenomena. In Portugal it’s seen on Lisbon but very … Continuar a ler

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European Debt web

A interesting representation of some european countries debt and his relations with other European Union partners. Look at Portugal…and the others. It’s understandable why Germany and France are against more help. They have us under risk of (no) payment.That why … Continuar a ler

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