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Photos from above

A interesting prespective from Christoph Gielen About the author: Anúncios

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To think

To think of the past Is indeed a painful task. To carry the past Is indeed a fruitless burden. (Sri Chinmoy)

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When ideias have sex

One interesting presentation about the evolution of our society around the concept of ideias reproduction. Some actual topics creativiry, lateral thinking or innovation draw upon this…Putting ideias doing sex and hopefully having offsprings. Enjoy!

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The future is here, again

A few weeks ago i’ve written about the future being in the present, because of the announcement of Google TV. An ideia that seems out of our imagination but is taking place. Today i’ve received a email with an image … Continuar a ler

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Trends to think about

From the, a group of market and consumer trends that can boost our criativity and innovation approaches.

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