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Raise to be entrepreneurs

Very interesting… Anúncios

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Future today

The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet. William Gibson Something that i’ve been talking about with some friends and students. I know it seems obvious but… The important is that it’s about to became real. What are we … Continuar a ler

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Food and serious business

(A repost from my previous blog) This year TED prize went to Jamie Oliver, a young chef that many of us have seen on TV. His message is quite important. Our society is forgetting a lot of important value and pratices … Continuar a ler

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Emergence of Eurabia

Although i’m not advocating nationalisms it’s important to be with atention to the changing environment. For those that have visited some european country with open eyes have seen signs of this phenomena. In Portugal it’s seen on Lisbon but very … Continuar a ler

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What happens when BP spills coffee

Repost from Core77

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10 Emerging trends…

…to think about. Where can we contribute? What can we do to get from the wave? on Tech Review

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Staples art

A good example of creativity… With staples! Via bad banana blog

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