A few minutes of virtuosism

How to make wonderful things with “simple” ones…20 minutes well invested!

I have listen this player a few months ago, live at  TED2010 (online). I was amazed!

I quote a few coments about this performance that can inspire us (from Presentation Zen):

Beating people’s expectations
In life, often people just don’t think too much of you (or of what you do), even before they know much about you. They prejudge you. But rather than letting this get you down, you can use this as an opportunity to surpass their expectations and blow them away. Low expectations can sometimes be a blessing to be leveraged. I love Jake’s money quote on this idea: “One of the things I love about being a ukulele player is that no matter where I go in the world to play, the audience has such low expectations. [This is] a huge plus for sure.”
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Uma resposta a A few minutes of virtuosism

  1. a.sáxeo diz:

    Realy impressive!
    Thanks for the suggestion.

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